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What is a group of closely related species called?

It depends on the usage. A lot of closely related species will  belong to the same genus. For common usage however, i.e. to  say Chimpanzees and Gorrilas are closely related (MORE)
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How is civil status related in conducting a community diagnosis?

  Hello. I also have done several CDX (Community Diagnoses) way back in college. And for me, I think CIVIL STATUS is very helpful in identifying the root causes of health (MORE)

Describe the major primate groups and explain how they are related phylogenetically?

The Primates order has traditionally been divided into two main groupings: prosimians and simians. Prosimians have characteristics most like those of the earliest primates, an (MORE)

What is a group of related phyla?

It's a Kingdom basically when talking about the name of a group of related ____ the order goes backwards: species- the final classification of an organism Genus- a group of r (MORE)

How do ethnic groups relate to a region's culture?

Every country is made up of different ethnic groups. For example, in the United States, we are all Americans, but our ethnic groups include African-Americans, Asian-Americans, (MORE)
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What is the antigen-antibody response as it relates to blood groups?

At the molecular level, antibodies are known to be shaped like the letter Y, with a reactive site at the tip of each branch so that antibodies can become attached to antigens (MORE)