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What is a dialect?

A dialect is a local or regional variation on a language, usually with different vocabulary and grammatical features from other dialects. Different dialects, unlike different (MORE)

What is dialect?

Dialect can be one of two different things: . A variety of language that is specific to one group of speakers. This can be because of the area they live in, or because of (MORE)

What is dialectics?

In classical philosophy, dialectic (Greek: διαλεκτική) is controversy, that is, the exchange of arguments and counter-arguments respectively advo (MORE)

What does dialect mean?

Dialect is like a form of speaking (like an accent or wierd abbreviations) that do not make sense or confuse people. An example would be like a United States southern accent t (MORE)

Why do people have dialects?

People have dialects because long ago people were too busy making a living to travel much. Travel anywhere was time consuming and very expensive, so people seldom heard people (MORE)

What is minority dialect?

Sometimes members of a particular minority ethnic group have their own variety which they use as a marker of identity, usually alongside a standard variety. This is called a m (MORE)
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What dialects does Spain have?

Spain has many dialects. Dialects can be so specific that a particular village can be identified. A Spaniard in Madrid identified me as being from Rota, Spain. His statement w (MORE)

What is dialect-?

A dialect is a form of language spoken by a group in a particularlocation or specific group. Although English is spoken widely inthe United States, there is a marked differenc (MORE)