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How do you write dialogue?

Writing dialogue is not as hard as you're letting it seem. You have dialogue all the time -- it's called talking. If you honestly cannot think of what your characters are goin (MORE)

What is dialogue punctuation?

Dialogue punctuation is the punctuation you use when writing dialogue in, persay, a story.. For example:. "The dog is sleeping quietly on the rug," said Marie.. The dialogu (MORE)

Can a myth have dialogue?

Yes, a myth can contain dialogue. One example of this is Aesop's fable, "The Donkey and the Grasshoppers". There is only one line of dialogue, since the story is only a few se (MORE)

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What is dialogue?

Dialogue is a conversation in speech or writing between two or more  people.    It is sometimes used in a social sense (to open a dialogue) to mean  establishing comm (MORE)
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What is a moral dialogue?

A moral dialogue is a conversation or writing between two or more people which deals with the principles of right and wrong of human character. Its a code of behavior, conside (MORE)

What is indirect dialogue?

Direct dialogue is when there are quotes around the thing that someone is saying. An example is: "Hello, how are you?" Indirect dialogue is when quotes are not put around the (MORE)

What is dialogue in literature?

"Say, Fred," said Bob, "What is dialogue in literature anyway?" Fred replied, "It's more than one person talking in a piece of text, usually to one another." "Oh," said Bob, (MORE)