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What is dialogue in story?

Dialogue is a conversation in speech or writing between two or morepeople. It is sometimes used in a social sense (to open a dialogue) to meanestablishing communication betwe (MORE)

How do you dialogue with a customer?

The most important form of dialogue with a customer is seeking information: . What does the customer want. . What does the customer need. . What are the customer's expect (MORE)

What was the dialogues of Andromache?

She ceased: then godlike Hector answer'd kind, (His various plumage sporting in the wind): That post, and all the rest, shall be my care; But shall I then forsake the unfinish (MORE)

What is dialogue in literature?

"Say, Fred," said Bob, "What is dialogue in literature anyway?" Fred replied, "It's more than one person talking in a piece of text, usually to one another." "Oh," said Bob, (MORE)