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What did Princess Diana do?

She visited sick children in hospitals to give them her love even though there was a risk of her getting ill herself and even dying from the diseases they had. She raised alot (MORE)

Who was Princess Diana?

She was the Princess of Wales, deceased ex wife of Prince Charles of Wales, next in line to the British throne, she was the mother of two children, Prince William and Prince H (MORE)

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Who killed HRH Diana Princess of Wales?

Answer   Some say she was killed by her drunken driver, others by the Papparazzi, and still others by the driver of a mysterious white Fiat. The various Inquiries have re (MORE)

What day did Princess Diana of Wales die?

Diana, Princess of Wales died Sunday August 31st, 1997.   After a car crash in Paris she was taken to hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning where surgeons tried f (MORE)

How did Diana Princess of Wales help ban land mines?

She didn't. There are land mines all over the world. She talked about banning land mines. She made it one of her favorite subjects to talk about. Princess Diana tried to ban l (MORE)