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Was Diane Keaton in a relationship with Keane Reeves?

No. They both acted in "Something's Gotta Give", in which they were a couple. Soon after that, there were rumours that they also had a relationship in real life. Both of them (MORE)

Was Al Pacino married to Diane Keaton?

  No, but they were in a long term relationship - One of Al Pacino's longest actually. They broke up after the filming of Godfather III because he didn't want to commit an (MORE)

Are buster keaton and Micheal keaton related?

No. Michael Keaton's real last name is Douglas (no relation to the actual actor Michael Douglas). He adopted his last name when he realized there was another in the industry w (MORE)

Are Buster keaton and Diane Keaton related?

No. While they share the same last name, they are not related.  Buster Keaton was born in Piqua, KS in 1895 and died in LA in 1966.  Diane Keaton was born in LA in 1946. The (MORE)
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Where can you buy the bathrobe Diane Keaton wore in family stone?

Although it is never stated or given any end credits, the robe Diane wore as Sybil Stone was probably a Beacon Bathrobe, made by the Beacon Blanket Manufacturing Company. I sa (MORE)
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How many Oscars has Diane Keaton won?

Diane Keaton has been nominated four times, but she has only won once. Best Actress in a Leading Role for: Annie Hall (1977)
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Who was Diane Keaton married to?

She has never been married. She did have romantic relationships with Al Pacino, Warren Beatty, Woody Allen and Steve Martin.
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