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What is a diatribe?

a diatribe is a thunderous verbal attack. it can be on video, face to face ect.
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Use diatribe in a sentence?

The movie reviewer wrote a diatribe article about a movie saying that is consisted of too much sex and violence. If "diatribe" is used as a modifer rather than in the nomin ( Full Answer )
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How can you put Diatribe in 2 sentence?

His diatribe railing against injustice was eclipsed by the invective laced diatribe of a protester with a microphone !
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Diatribe in a sentence?

He wrote a diatribe article about the movie he hated cause it had too much sex
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Is wonderful diatribe an oxymoron?

No, not really. A diatribe (definition from is "a bitter, sharply abusive denunciation, attack, or criticism." But all of these negative words only describe wh ( Full Answer )
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Is diatribe a predicate?

No, it's a noun. A "predicate" is just another name for a verb, an action word like run, jump, sit, stand, dance, etc. But the word "diatribe" refers to a bitter or angry verb ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a sentence with diatribe?

Thus begins my favorite diatribe on the subject at hand. . "The Donald" seems to be destined to suffer many diatribes andtribulations.