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Who created dice?

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What is dicing?

Dicing is a way of preparing food items by cutting them into uniform sized cubes. Dicing helps food to cook more quickly, and because the pieces are uniform in size everything (MORE)
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Where are dice from?

Dice in one form or another are found among the earliest human artifacts and survive in all cultures. The word is plural, from a singular "die" meaning a cube.
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Where can you buy dice?

You can buy dice from any local games or comic shop. Just do asearch for your city + game store to find one near you. Of course,most communities don't have a game shop in them (MORE)

What is dice quest?

Dice quest is a game that you play on the british server of lego. You find the missing dice pieces. Once you find all of the pieces, you get a badge, Good luck! Make sure to r (MORE)
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How do you dice something?

To dice something means to chop it up into very small pieces, usually small cubes.
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What is a dice cut?

I think it comes with dice and slice. dice is when you cut it in a row and slice is when you cut it in a long strate line. (Think so) Dicing (dice cut) is when you cut (MORE)
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Is dice a verb?

It can be, yes - as a verb, it means to chop into small pieces, like carrots for a stew. As a noun, it is the plural of die (as in two die is "a pair of dice").
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Why was the dice invented?

it was invented to play games and ophocles (496 - 406 BC), the Greek poet and tragedian, claimed that dice were invented by the Greek, Palamedes, during the siege of Troy. Her (MORE)