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What does rural urban dichotomy mean?

Rural- urban divide or Division of rural and urban areas into two usually contradictory parts or opinions.   There are some sociologists whose treat rural-urban as dichotom (MORE)
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Can you be in a dichotomy?

Yes, the marriage of    Mary Matalin and James Carville is a dichotomy.
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What are the differences of the offshore and onshore dichotomy?

Onshore/offshore dichotomy is way of allocating the revenue accrued from exploitation and exploration of crude oil. Such revenue is divided into onshore revenue (revenue accru (MORE)
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What is a subject object dichotomy?

It is not grammar or vocabulary. It is a philosophical reference. The dichotomy is the surrounding view of self that we act out of. It is often learned with language and not (MORE)

What rhymes with dichotomy?

last 3 syllables only: (Ot-im-ee) autotomy colotomy craniotomy episiotomy laparotomy laryngotomy lithotomy lobotomy microtomy neurotomy phlebotomy (prefrontal) le (MORE)