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Who is Dick Fosbury?

dick fosbury is a well known high jumper who was the first man to use a tecnique called the fosbury flop. dick was born in Mexico, usa and his first Olympics was in 1968.
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Who was dick grayson?

Dick Grayson is a character in DC comics who has been in several comics, cartoons, and movies. He is best known for being the boy wonder, Robin. Dick was the first one to be ( Full Answer )
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How do you extend your dick?

that would be funny!! what u really do is you stretch it out, so get someone to hold the head and both of you like run away from each other tha makes it about 4-5inches bigge ( Full Answer )
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What can you use for a dick?

Furniture legs. Curling irons. Most fruit (some vegetables). Don't try apples. Trust me. Have fun and be safe.
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Who is jungle dick?

The legendary jungle dick's true identity is Christopher Salka, who keeps everyone wondering and in utter awe..
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How do you be a dick?

That just means to be rude or a jerk. That is something to strivenot to be. Here are some of the behaviors and qualities associatedwith such persons: . Belches . Bigoted ( Full Answer )
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Is dick a swear?

It depends on the context in which it is used. Dick can be theshortened version of Richard. Used as one of the various nicknamesfor the penis might be considered vulgar in som ( Full Answer )
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What is a 'private dick'?

You occasionally hear this in old black-and-white detective movies.It means 'private detective'. It's from back in the 1920s, when'dick' used to mean 'detective.'
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What is a dick-?

A dick is an obscene word that is used to describe the penis. ANS 2 -Actually, ' dick ' itself isnot obscene, it is, only when used in a certain context . 'Dick'also means ( Full Answer )
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Can you unsick a dick?

It depends on what it is sick with. It could be a basic infectionor a STD. If it is fungal or bacterial, it can probably be clearedup pretty quickly with pills or creams. If i ( Full Answer )