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What rights does the estranged wife have when her husband's fiancee is the named executor in the will?

A legally married couple remains married until the marriage is dissolved by a divorce decree. If you are estranged from your husband and he dies you would be the surviving spo (MORE)

Who is or was L L Bean?

L.L. Bean, (Leon Leonwood Bean) was a man who loved the outdoors. Leon when hunting one time, and came home with extremely wet and cold feet, so he decided to create a boot th (MORE)

Can you make Nine out of l l l l l l?

The best way to make 'NINE' is to add a few lines. Add a slash between the first two lines to make | | into N, ignore the third upright line, add another slash between the fou (MORE)

Are children responsible for their parent's debts when the parent dies even if you are estranged and haven't been in contact for many years?

  Answer     No you are not responsible, but if your parent(s) left a Will and you are named Executor (male) Executrix (female) or someone else is and you are hei (MORE)

How do you write a letter to a sister that has been estranged?

If you loved your estranged sister then you do not have a problem. You might address her as "MY loving Sister" or "Hello my beautiful Sister Kate" or "Dear Sis, I still love y (MORE)

What is a sentence using the word estrange?

(The word estrange means to separate or disassociate, or to alienate. It is often used in family relationships because of its French origin, estranger - to disown.) "The boy (MORE)

If you are the title holder on a car and your estranged wife is using the car without permission will she be arrested if the car is reported stolen?

  Answer     I would guess that "if she was pulled over" the officer would run the tag. She would then be asked several serious questions and possibly be detaine (MORE)

If I help a friend move out their estranged spouses belongings from their residence without the spouse's knowledge or consent can I be criminally charged?

  Probably not. Moving someone else's property without their consent is a civil matter, and the estranged spouse would have to prove you did it intentionally. You could (MORE)
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What are the sypmtoms of estrangements?

Symptoms of estrangement usually include a lack of communication, and an unwillingness of one or both parties to try and work out their problems. This is usually a very diffi (MORE)