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What are the home-school laws in Georgia?

  In GA you start by filing a declaration of intent to home school with the local superintendent. The parent must have at least a high school diploma or a GED, OR they ca (MORE)

Is law school hard?

Yes, law school is very hard. A typical law student treats law school like a full time job. That means plan on spending 8 or more hours a day in class and studying. Once you g (MORE)

What degree is best to get into law school?

Political Science is a degree that many wishing to pursue for a law  degree. Criminology would be helpful as well.
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Why is going to school a law?

Going to school has become to national law because illiteracy became too much of a problem. Many people were dropping out of school to work or simply because they were too laz (MORE)

Requirements for yale law school?

Work hard. You need almost a perfect GPA and LSAT scores. Make sure you get at least a 175 on the LSATs the FIRST TIME you take them. Also Yale only counts the first time you (MORE)

What grades do you need from school to get into law school?

It depends what law school you want to go to. To get into Harvard or Yale, you need a 3.75 or better with very good LSATs, although GPAs as low as 3.4 are sometimes good enoug (MORE)

Is Phoenix School of Law a good law school?

  im just getting into my second year there. it's everything you'd expect and more. because its a new school, there are some growing pains. but besides that, its a great s (MORE)

What Law schools that specialize in criminal law?

The ivy league law schools have the best criminal law programs,  followed by all other ABA approved law schools. Criminal justice  schools do teach mostly criminal law but t (MORE)

What courses do you study in law school?

Law school is a three year process. I studied Law in UPES  Dehradoon, they have an extensive learning facility. Your first  year you will take the basic courses like torts, (MORE)

What exam do you take to get into law school?

Answer 1:  BAR exam Answer 2:  The first answer is incorrect.  The bar exam is what one takes once one has graduated from law school, and wishes to become a lawyer. The e (MORE)