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What subjects do you have to do in high school to get into law school?

There are no requirements. You need a 4 year Bachelors degree before you can apply to law school, so high school has NO effect on the admissions process. There aren't any cour (MORE)

How do you go to law school with a GED?

Law schools in the US all require a 4-year B.A. degree or equivalent as a pre-requisite to admission. So I'm afraid the road is a little longer than you imagined: first 4 year (MORE)

Is touro law school a good school?

No. Touro is terrible and you shouldn't waste your money. If Touro and other comparable schools are the places you're being admitted, don't be an attorney. You will incur mass (MORE)

What is a tier one law school?

U.S. News says that it is the top 100, but law students and those  in the legal community consider the top 50 schools to be Tier 1,  and 50-100 to be Tier 2.    The m (MORE)

What grades do you need from school to get into law school?

It depends what law school you want to go to. To get into Harvard or Yale, you need a 3.75 or better with very good LSATs, although GPAs as low as 3.4 are sometimes good enoug (MORE)

Is Phoenix School of Law a good law school?

  im just getting into my second year there. it's everything you'd expect and more. because its a new school, there are some growing pains. but besides that, its a great s (MORE)

What Law schools that specialize in criminal law?

The ivy league law schools have the best criminal law programs,  followed by all other ABA approved law schools. Criminal justice  schools do teach mostly criminal law but t (MORE)

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