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Who has a dictator today?

Paramount dictators of countries include: The succession of Raul Castro, who took over for his father, Fidel, who has fallen ill and incapable to lead, as President of Cuba.M (MORE)

Is napoleon a dictator?

Technically no, he was a Emperor, who was mostly liked/loved by his people, but in a literal sense, yes, he exercised absolute power.

Was churchill a dictator?

Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the temporary wartime Parliament of the United Kingdom for King George. He could never be a dictator in a monarchical government.
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Why become a dictator?

  Because the country you are going to control is in so much chaos that having a dictator would be better than the absence of law and peace. This does not mean that remain (MORE)

Do Brazil have dictator?

No, not anymore. But from the 70s to the end of the 80s we were under military dictatorship (during which the CIA sent agents over to help keep the dictatorship in place -eg t (MORE)

Was Hitler a dictator?

Hitler as a dictator He was an evil dictator who started the bloodiest war in history and killed 6 million Jewish people (Holocaust). He was successful at being a brutal dic (MORE)

What is a dictator?

It is an absolute ruler- they generally have an authoritarian  stance on leadership, and will bypass all offices and systems to  push through the legislation they wish to.  (MORE)

Which are the Countries that have dictators?

For these purposes dictators are described as leaders who hold power not won or subject to removal in periodic democratic elections, who are not in power by virtue in inherite (MORE)
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