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What is a dictator?

It is an absolute ruler- they generally have an authoritarianstance on leadership, and will bypass all offices and systems topush through the legislation they wish to. Histor (MORE)

How are dictators?

A person that has absolute powers over a country (and it's people); normally without their consent.. Dictators "Take" power. If the government is weak enough, and an individu (MORE)

Why is there dictators?

there are dictatorship because eople think that a dictatorship isreally good or even exellent because they like to kill people andkill themselves

What is a dictat?

it is spelt diktat: an order or decree imposed by someone in power without popular consent

Was churchill a dictator?

Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the temporary wartime Parliament of the United Kingdom for King George. He could never be a dictator in a monarchical government.
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In Lebanon

Does Lebanon have a dictator?

Why the hell would we have a dictator?Ohh i see,you think we'relike those other countries that kill gay people on sight,wellyou're wrong. It's a free country/ .:When Dictator (MORE)

What made them a dictator?

Well first it was just Hitler, but then made a gang called the 'Nazi's'. That gang grew bigger and bigger until it captured Poland. It was an Anti-Jew gang but anyway he then (MORE)

Who was a dictator?

List of dictators: Idi Amin Dada in Uganda Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany Francisco Franco Bahamonde in Spain Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno in Panama Pol Pot in Cambodia
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What a dictator is and when was a dictator appointed rome?

The dictator was an extraordinary magistrate (office of state) appointed by the senate through a decree it issued by the senate when there was an emergency. His term of office (MORE)

Who do dictators answer to?

Nobody. Dictators rule with Absolute Power, such as Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. They answer to no one and if anyone complains about the way the Dictator is running the co (MORE)