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What is a dictionary?

A dictionary is a book of words of a particular language and their accepted definitions, origins, parts of speech, pronunciation, spelling and in some cases a sample of their (MORE)

What is dictionary?

A dictionary is a book that has a list of words that are used in the English Language. You can get College Dictionaries which are very heavy and have billions of words. Or you (MORE)

Is the word dictionary in the dictionary?

Yes, it is. In one dictionary it is stated as book that explains the words of language, or some special kind of words. It is usually arranged alphabetically. Yes, it is. A dic (MORE)

What is in dictionary?

A dictionary is a book that contains definition of modern words in a language. Some dictionaries contain pronunciation guides for the words as well. Some even provide synonyms (MORE)

How do you get to a dictionary?

Bookstores carry dictionaries, libraries have them, and if that is too much trouble, you can always type in a word on google, and find a link to an online dictionary.
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What are the differences between Dictionary Attack Brute Force Attack and Hybrid Attack?

Brute Force Attack Brute force basically tries all the possible keys mentioned on the keyboard to decrypt the password or any encrypted message. Here the question arises w (MORE)

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