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How do you pronounce the Greek word Didache?

Prounounciation of Didache Didache is not pronounced like Jordache, nor is it pronounced like what you might say about the pain in your head last night (it did ache ). It i (MORE)

Who was didache?

Assuming you are referring to the book "Didache" or "The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles", the book is written anonymously, and its date is very disputed. However, there is a (MORE)
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What did didache teach?

The Didache is a pious fraud, one of many circulating at the time that was claimed to be written by the apostles. It contradicts the New Testament and is full of "gross errors (MORE)

Who wrote the Didache?

It is an anonymous work not belonging to any single individual as it was written so long ago with no author recorded.
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What is the meaning of didache?

Didache is a treatise from the first or early second century ad, onChristian morality and practices. The Teaching of the TwelveApostles.