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What is didactics?

didactics is the system that has been made in order to teach those people who are realy want to be an educators.
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What is didactic apparatus?

"Didactic apparatus" is synonymous with "auto-regulative." It is amethod used to teach young children between the ages of 3 and 6created by Dr. Maria Montessori.

What is didactic principles?

• Principle of practical relevance . • Principle of age appropriateness . • Principle of motivation . • Principle of self-activity / self reliance . â (MORE)
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What is a didactic essay?

A form of sermon that is serious in tone which aims to persuade and explain the topic leading to valuable lessons in life.

What is a didactic message?

In reference to Bertolt Brecht's Epic Theatre, the Didactic message is the underlying message that connects each episode of a performance/play. And example of this could be "E (MORE)
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What is didactic personality?

One who converses in an instructional fashion, implying to theother one that he or she needs to be so informed. This can comeacross as arrogance and patronizing, even when uni (MORE)