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What is a didgeridoo?

It is an Australian wind instrument dating back hundreds if not thousands of years. They are made out of Eucalyptus wood, traditionally, but American ones are made of other ty (MORE)
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How is the didgeridoo made?

Genuine didgeridoos are always made of wood, usually the smaller trunks of living, young eucalyptus trees. The species of eucalyptus did not matter. They were not usually made (MORE)

Who plays the didgeridoo?

The indigenous people of Australia, known as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, play the didgeridoo.
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How long is a didgeridoo?

Didgeridoos average from 1 m to about 1m 45 cm in length. It depends entirely on the quality of sound and depth of tone one wishes to achieve.
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What are didgeridoos?

  The didgeridoo is a musical instrument of the Australian Aborigines. It is a long wooden tube and the air in it vibrates to make a continual throbbing sound. This is use (MORE)

What vibrates in the didgeridoo?

nothing actually vibrates, the length of it determines the pitch, all the didgeridoo is is a hollow tube that amplifies certain wavelengths of sound produced when you "blow a (MORE)