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What is the Aboriginal name for a didgeridoo?

It is the Yidaki. An European heard it has a didgeridoo because while the Aborigine was playing the instrument, it was say those words. The yidaki was forgotten and most peopl (MORE)

What were didgeridoos used for?

The indigenous Australians used didgeridoo for a number of reasons. It is the second oldest instrument in the world (drums are the oldest). One reason for them was spiritual r (MORE)

How long is a didgeridoo?

Didgeridoos average from 1 m to about 1m 45 cm in length. It depends entirely on the quality of sound and depth of tone one wishes to achieve.
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How are didgeridoos decorated?

They are decorated by paints made out of natural things like ochre. Sometimes stuff is also carved into them. The symbols used can represent story's, and spirit's.
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What is a Didgeridoo made of?

Genuine didgeridoos are always made of wood, usually the smaller trunks of living, young eucalyptus trees. The species of eucalyptus did not matter. They were not usually made (MORE)