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Why does kn sound like n?

Today, the k is silent. We don't say kuh-nock or kuh-nee, but we used to. See below.     Actually, this is due to historical change. English is a Germanic language, an (MORE)
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How many kJ is 1 kN?

A KJ is a unit of work, whereas a KN is a unit of force. Work is force times distance, so the two units are related by the expression 1 KJ = 1 KN*m. So, if you want to know ho (MORE)

How many kilogram is 1 KN?

Roughly said, 10N = 1 Kg, meaning 1000N = 100 Kg on the earths surface. However , N (Newtons) are used for measuring force and Kg are used to measure Mass, so, it really dep (MORE)
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Did chavo from chavo del 8 die?

Yes - he did died of sickness or age today 11/28/14 we will never  forget you.
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1 kN is how many kg?

Depends what you are doing. One is a unit of force and the other a unit of weight. 1 kilonewton = 101.97 kilogram-force
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What is kn as unit of measurement?

  kn is knot.The knot is a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour   kn is knot.The knot is a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour
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How do you convert kn to lbs?

The conversions are not exact numbers. The following numbers are rounded: 1 pound(force) = 4.4484 newtons 1,000 pounds(force) = 4,448.4 newtons 1 newton = 0.2248 pound (MORE)

How do you convert the KN to MPa?

If KN means "kilo-newton", then that's a unit of force. If MPa means "mega-pascal", then that's a unit of pressure. They don't convert. [ Pressure ] = [ force ] / [ area ]
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What words begin with KN?

Some words that begin with the letters KN:    Knack  Knacker  Knackwurst  Knapsack  Knapweed  Knar  Knave  Knavery  Knavish  Knavishly  Knead  Kneaded  Knead (MORE)