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What is dielectric heating?

Dielectric heating is a type of heating used in engineering.  Insulated materials are heated and then put over an electric field  that changes quickly. It is usually used fo (MORE)

What are dielectrics?

Dielectrics   Dielectrics is a fancy term for insulators, based on the material used and its efficiancy at a measured range of frequencies. For example, in a coaxial ca (MORE)

What is a dielectric?

In physics, a dielectric is an insulating (or very poorly conducting) material. The material can be solid, liquid or gaseous.   When a voltage difference is applied to top (MORE)

What is dielectric constant?

Dielectric constant or relative permittivity of a medium is defined as the ratio of force between two charges separated by a certain distance in air (or vacuum) to the force b (MORE)

What is a dielectric pesticide?

This is a pesticide that will not conduct electricity. It is  important because wasps and other insects will make nests near  electrical lines. If the pesticide conducts ele (MORE)
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What is dielectric strength?

The dielectric strength refers to the maximum working voltage that  a material can withstand without breaking down. At breakdown the  electric field frees bound electrons tu (MORE)

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