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What is a diest?

"Diest" is a city in Belgium. The word "diest" does not exist in the English language dictionary. "Diest" is spelled very similar to "deist", meaning a member of a specifi ( Full Answer )
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Do diests believe in heaven?

yes, they just don't believe that god can intervene with ones personal life. For example, if you pray for rain God doesn't hear you....
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What is a Diest Religion?

Its when you believe there is a God that created the universe but you believe by using reason and your own logical thinking rather than studying it and reading the bible
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Did diest teach from the bible?

Why don't you read the bible and look for what he said. and if its not in there then: NOPE! haha God bless, KaYlEe
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Is James Monroe episcopalian or diest?

James Monroe was raised in the Church of England (Episcopalian), but most historians agree that he was a Deist in his adult life.
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What has the author P H Van Diest written?

P. H. Van Diest has written: 'The Grand Island Mining District of Boulder County, Colorado' -- subject(s): Silver mines and mining