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Why do you diet?

Most people diet to cut out all the bad things they are eating. Too much sugar, fat, junk food, fast food. Dieting allows us to stay at our optimal weight. To stay healthy and (MORE)
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Is there a diet out there for you?

Unless a person is physically unable to move about easily, or for medical reasons unable to eat what's considered a normal, balanced way of eating, then the diet for you is th (MORE)
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What do you do on a diet?

On a diet people usually only eat certain foods and cut out certain foods depending on the diet. They usually stay within a certain calorie range. And usually excercise. These (MORE)

What is a diet?

A diet is a particular selection of food eaten that is meant to improve your weight, blood pressure, or any other health problems or concerns. Different diets explain how ofte (MORE)

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Why are people on high-protein diets advised to drink large amounts of water?

During the period in which athletes were consuming the highest  amounts of protein, their blood urea nitrogen (BUN) - a clinical  test for proper kidney function - reached a (MORE)