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What is the best dietary supplement to take if you have a thyroid problem?

I have Hypothyroidism. I had half of my Thyroid removed and I thought after I had it removed Id have energy and feel like my old self. I must say I never have felt good. I hea (MORE)

Can sea kelp be used as a dietary supplement?

Yes, alginate is a kelp carbohydrate that can be used to prevent  fat absorption that may lead to obesity. Kelp is also an excellent  source of Iodine, and also contains cal (MORE)

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What are dietary supplements to lower blood pressure?

Herbal and natural supplements that contain natto-kinnase, hawthorn leaves and Vitamin D help the body's natural ability to regulate blood pressure. According to the American (MORE)

What are the recommended dietary supplements for vegetarians?

Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B12 & Vitamin D... Those are the main ones, but it really all depends on how healthy your vegetarian diet is. Consult a nutritionist.     (MORE)

Is taking dietary supplements a factor in a safe fitness plan?

It can be, but doesn't have to  be.  Most people who are able to follow a regular, normal diet will  get all the nutrition they need from that. And the way our bodies  wor (MORE)