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What dieters riddle answers on horseisle?

1. Feather   2. Blueberry and Blackberry   3. Apple   4. Orange   5. Grasshopper   6. Mushroom   7. Coconut   8. Candy Cane   9. Dandelion   10. Thi (MORE)

Who is dieter hoth?

Dieter Hoth a character in a fiction book by Paul Sussman The Last Secret of the Temple 2005. The character, diabolic nazi archeolog, is not based directly on any real person. (MORE)
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What is a chronic dieter?

They are people who frequently diet in unhealthy ways in an attempt to lose weight.
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Who is Dieter Brock?

  Dieter Brock was one of the best CFL quarterbacks of all times. He spent 11 years in the CFL, playing for Winnipeg and Hamilton. He won the CFL's Most Outstanding Player (MORE)