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What is a diet?

A diet is a particular selection of food eaten that is meant to improve your weight, blood pressure, or any other health problems or concerns. Different diets explain how ofte (MORE)

What can diets do?

diets help you not to be fat and you can look better than you did before.if you dont have healthy foods you can have alsheimer. . diets help you not to be fat and you can (MORE)

How do you do a diet?

A diet is a serious decision concerning your body. A diet does not mean to reduce the amount of food you eat;but in fact if you want to lose weight, you must be conscious of w (MORE)

How can you do diet?

It actually depends on your reason to diet. If you are excess fat, and that's why you want to diet to get thinner, then there is different way of dieting for it. If you are a (MORE)

What do you do on a diet?

On a diet people usually only eat certain foods and cut out certain foods depending on the diet. They usually stay within a certain calorie range. And usually excercise. These (MORE)
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Why do you have a diet?

That depends on what type of diet you mean. There are many types of diet. Some diets treat a disease or condition. Other diets are for optimum health. Others diets are for wei (MORE)

Why do you diet?

Most people diet to cut out all the bad things they are eating. Too much sugar, fat, junk food, fast food. Dieting allows us to stay at our optimal weight. To stay healthy and (MORE)

How can you do a diet?

Cut down the sugar. No potato chips, nothing of that manor. First thing. Eat a small piece of protein each night. Run a mile everyday. Do 100 push ups and sit-ups in sets of 2 (MORE)