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Why do different places have different season?

Because different places of the earth get closer to the sun then others. The earths rotataion thingo to the sun is an oval so when its summer and spring the earth is on the (MORE)

What are the different traits of different scientist?

1. Inquisitive - They ask who, what, where, when and why 2. Explorative - They employ the scientific approach in exploring a problem and design experiments to test their the (MORE)

Why do different animals have different teeth?

because they eat different types of food, eg sheep and wolfs will have different teeth because wolves need sharp teeth to tear through meat and sheep need blunt teeth to chomp (MORE)

How is shopping in a different country different?

its different because in different countries ppl have different styles and plus they speak different languages. Also another reason is because there is always going to be some (MORE)

Why do different languages have different onomatopoeia?

Each language has a different phonology, or system of sounds. All words in a language must fit in with the rules and patterns of the language's phonology. For example, in Engl (MORE)

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Why is your age different on different planets?

If you are measuring your age in earth years, it is the same on every planet. Every planet takes a different amount of time to orbit the sun, and therefore has years of differ (MORE)

Why do different flowers smell different?

The smells in flowers come from special oils that are produced in the petals as the plant grows. When this oil evaporates, which it does very easily, it gives off a fragrance (MORE)

Why is biodiversity different at different places?

If you accept the concept of natural selection (and you may not), then different types of plant and animal evolve to occupy different niches within an environment. Different c (MORE)