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What is differentiation?

Differentiation in math terms is the mathematical procedure oftaking the derivative of a function. A derivative of a function isa function that gives the slopes of the tangent ( Full Answer )
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How do you differentiate?

A bit of an intro dy/dx is called the derivative of y with respect to x it can also be denoted by f ' (x) it is the rate of change of y with respect to x when differentiat ( Full Answer )
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What is Differentialism?

An important strain of French feminism, which argues that the human condition cannot be understood in any universal way without reference to both sexes.
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What the differentiation and anti-differentiation formula?

There is no single formula for differentiation and anti-differentiation. The deriviative of a function y = f(x) is the limit of delta y over delta x as delta x approaches ze ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between differential and differentiation?

A differential is the result gained when mathematical differentiation is applied to a function. . Differentiation in maths is the function which finds the gradient of a func ( Full Answer )
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What is differentiate instruction?

Using different instruction methods and learning activities to teach a concept. Ideas may be using flash cards to learn vocabulary, using a deck of playing cards to call on ( Full Answer )
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How do you differentiate 2sinAcosA?

First using the double angle formula; 2sinAcosA = sin(2A) Therefore d/dA (sin2A) = cos(2A) * 2 = 2cos(2A) We multiply by the two due to the chain rule, where we must multip ( Full Answer )
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How do you differentiate Tan2x?

Chain Rule: let u=2x and y=tan(u) du/dx = 2 and dy/du = sec^2(u) dy/dx = du/dx x dy/du multiply them together and replace u=2x into the equation.. therefore dy/dx = ( Full Answer )
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What is a differentiated strategy?

A firm using a differentiated strategy makes a conscious decision to divide and target several different market segments, with a different product geared to each segment
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Why are colors differentiated?

It's the way your eyes differentiate color. For example, white is the very center of the color spectrum, white is nothing; it's not a color. On the other hand, red looks diffe ( Full Answer )