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Why is it difficult to swallow?

There are several reasons you could be having difficulty swallowing, but most commonly the reason is swollen glands in your throat. If this is the case, you will probably have (MORE)

Is Arabic difficult?

If you are learning Arabic it might be slightly hard unless you grew up with somebody in your family speaking Arabic. However, Arabic is a very nice language especially if you (MORE)
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Is parkour difficult?

yes parkour is very difficult sometimes people train like they are running marathons or going into UFC(ultiminate fighting championship) fights becauser there have been so man (MORE)
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Why is history difficult?

History as a study is difficult because it is in the past and most of the people and things no longer exist in the current world. It involves a lot of investigation into what (MORE)

What is difficult about French?

First, as for many other languages such as Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, French originates from Latin. Therefore, English speakers and people who don't speak a language der (MORE)