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Is the gmat difficult?

Not very difficult if you know your stuff well. I would suggest the following sites so that you can have a look ww (MORE)
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Why is history difficult?

History as a study is difficult because it is in the past and most of the people and things no longer exist in the current world. It involves a lot of investigation into what (MORE)

Is biotech difficult?

Studying biotechnology requires students to have basic knowledge of chemistry, some knowledge of math and the ability to pick up biological concepts quickly.
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Is GMAT difficult? I would say yes and no, It wouldn't be difficult at all for someone who practices everyday. A good GMAT score is all about knowing your (MORE)

Is parkour difficult?

yes parkour is very difficult sometimes people train like they are running marathons or going into UFC(ultiminate fighting championship) fights becauser there have been so man (MORE)

What is difficult about French?

First, as for many other languages such as Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, French originates from Latin. Therefore, English speakers and people who don't speak a language der (MORE)

How difficult is it to pitch?

very, u have to have good balance. it also takes months to strengthen your arm and then it takes months to get to the point where you can throw consistant strikes. then you ha (MORE)