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What is digestion?

the process that breaks food into substances that your cells can use Digestion is the mechanical and chemical breaking down of food into smaller (MORE)

What are physical digestion and chemical digestion?

Physical digestion is, basically, "mashing." The food is ground up (by the teeth), mashed into a paste (by the stomach), and so forth. It's mixed with other foods in the proce (MORE)

How digestive juice helps in digestion?

Digestive juice, in the stomach, helps by secreting pepsin and Hydrocloric acid. The HCl creates a nice acidic environment for the pepsin, which requires a low pH to function. (MORE)

What is a size?

Size describes the physical dimension of something, how big or small the item is as compared to another size. A "size" can be generally standardized, such as clothing sizes or (MORE)
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What impact would have on digestion If stomach size is reduce?

The digestion process after a bariatric surgical procedure (I am assuming this is what you mean by "stomach size reduce", in short, will be very different. The intestines and (MORE)