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How digital technology affect you?

Hi there! Welcome to Answers!    I do think modern technology has influence on behavior. Obviously,  we want to stay connected with friends and family; that's where  (MORE)

What are the three key technologies for contemporary digital networks and the internet?

Technologies for contemporary digital networks and the Internet are based on three keys: - First is client/server computing: The client/server network facilitates computing (MORE)

Impact of Digital Technology on Marketing Strategies?

Digital technology has had a monumental impact on marketing strategies. In days of old, marketing was about selling to people. Now that everyone is online and interacting with (MORE)

What are the benefits of using digital technology?

Hello. Well, I will tell you some pros and cons. Pros: - Much easier (You don't have to go to a library and browse through alot of books) - An easy source of fun/ Great tim (MORE)

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital technology?

Digital does not drift over time or change with temperature or vary  with component tolerances like analog does; but it is slower and  the answers have quantization errors.
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How does digital technology affect intellectual property?

A relatively small change is that certain definitions in copyright have expanded to include digital documents (for example, "literary works" includes computer software). One w (MORE)