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Why do you need geology?

If you think about it, everything we have is either grown at the surface, or taken from the ground. Look around you. Plastics, metals, and nearly everything that isn't made fr (MORE)

What in geology?

about earth ^thats true, but ive done Geology as an A Level and the modules i did involved tectonic plates, earthquakes and volcanoes, folding and faulting of rock, what the e (MORE)
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Why is geology important?

The science of geology is significant in locating water supplies, mineral resources, understanding the development of life on Earth, developing predictive models for earthquak (MORE)

What is assimilation in geology?

I am guessing you are talking with regard to magmatic differentiation during the eruption process? If so assimilation is simply the chemical change in the magma due to the mag (MORE)

What are the branches of geology?

The following are only a few: Economic Geology Geomorphology Hydrogeology Mineralogy Crystallography Oceanography Palaeontology Petrology Plate tectonics / R (MORE)

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What is accretion geology?

accretion occurs when two plates collide. when an oceanic plate  dives beneath a continental plate, there is a layer of sedimentary  rock from the oceanic plate that is less (MORE)

What is erosion in geology?

Erosion is the process of the movement of loosened or weathered materials from one place to another, and occurs due to the agents of erosion (wind, moving water, moving ice, a (MORE)
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What are the subdivisions of geology?

Mineralogy is the study of minerals. Petrology is the study of  rocks. Geochronology is the study of the ages of geological events.  Geomagnetism is the study of the Earth's (MORE)
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What is lithification in geology?

Lithification is the natural creation of sedimentary rock through  the processes of compaction and cementation of sediments. The  compaction usually occurs as a result of th (MORE)
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What does geology study?

Geology is the study of the earth's rock formations, atmospheric  compositions stored in air pockets of ice caps, astronomical bodies  and their interactions with the planet (MORE)