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What is a dilemma?

State of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options State of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice bet ( Full Answer )
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What is management dilemma?

Managing Dilemmas focuses on ongoing approaches that maximize the benefits of both sides of a dilemma while minimizing the drawbacks of pursing either side alone.
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What do you mean by dilemma?

A dilemma is a choice between two equally bad alternatives. A moral dilemma occurs when an action can be seen as right from one standpoint but at the same time wrong from an ( Full Answer )
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Example of dilemma?

An example of a dilemma would be that I've managed to save $2,000. The dilemma: do I take a vacation or do I replace the shabby living room furniture.
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What is dilemma and nature of dilemma?

discuss how dimmas encountered in relation to implementing systemsand policies for health, safety sercurty be addressed.
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What is Ralph dilemma?

well Ralph has a few dilemmas. shelters need to be built, jack broke the rules and made his own tribe, the signal fire can't go out, littluns are scared about some "beastie", ( Full Answer )
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What is the hobbesian dilemma?

The Hobbesian dilemma states that any ruler with enough power to prevent or end war will also have the power to start war for his own purposes. This dilemma is theoretically o ( Full Answer )
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What is Randy's dilemma?

Randy explains his dilemma during his conversation with Ponyboy: He can either skip the rumble and lose respect among his friends, the Socs whom he feels distanced from since ( Full Answer )
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What is the dilemma about?

it really good its about a man who sees his best friends wife have an affair with fip (channing tatum) and goes out to his house to get evidence where fip tries to kill him bu ( Full Answer )