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What is a monomer and a dimer?

a monomer is single unit of protein molecule while a dimer is double unit of the monomer held together by some type of bonding whether it is hydrogen, electrostatic, hydrophob (MORE)

Why ClO2 do not form dimer but NO2 can?

in ClO2 ,the central Cl atom is sp2 hybridized with O-Cl-O angle of 118 degree.....the bond lengths are both 149 pm .....Cl-O bond has appreciable double bond character due to (MORE)

What is D Dimer?

  When a blood clot is broken up within the human body, it releases fibrin (the protein which causes clotting to occur). A D-dimer level measures the amount of fibrin with (MORE)

What is the D Dimer blood test?

D dimer is a protein fragment that is found in the blood after someone has had a blood clot. Fibrinolysis breaks down the clot, leaving D dimer in the blood. The D dimer blood (MORE)
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What is the molecular weight of a Benzoic Acid dimer?

Answerer: 244. Questioner: I don't know a lot about chemistry, I'm really asking this for a friend. But they said that the molecular weight of the dimer would be less than tw (MORE)