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What is D Dimer?

When a blood clot is broken up within the human body, it releases fibrin (the protein which causes clotting to occur). A D-dimer level measures the amount of fibrin within a b (MORE)
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What is dimer?

Some compounds will be more stable when two of their molecules are together. so they make dimer. like P4O10 is dimer of P2O5.
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What is the dimer of carbohydrates?

The question is too vague to definitively answer, but the word you're looking for might be "disaccharide".
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Is maltose a monomer dimer or polymer?

A dimer is defined as two identical molecules sharing a covalent bond. maltose is two C6H12O6 molecules that are combined via a covalent bond, making it a true Dimer. hope tha (MORE)
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What are primer dimers in pcr?

Primerdimer occur, when the Primer are -or parts- are complementary (3' of the FOR- and 3' of the REV-Primer). While PCR both oligos hybridizate and are elongated. The Product (MORE)
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What is receptor dimerization?

Receptor dimerization is the joining of the receptor proteins. It this step does not take place, then the responder protein will not autophosphorylate. Signal transduction wil (MORE)
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What does a d-dimer test detect?

Put simply a D-Dimer test is meant to detect the possibility of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), PE (Pulmonary Embolism), or DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation). D-Dime (MORE)
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How dimerization takes place?

when the two strands or adopters are cutted with same restriction enzyme and they are complementary to each other, they attached and recircularized.
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What is a monomer and a dimer?

a monomer is single unit of protein molecule while a dimer is double unit of the monomer held together by some type of bonding whether it is hydrogen, electrostatic, hydrophob (MORE)
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How is a high d dimer treated?

A high d-dimer test is just used as an indicator for other diseases such as thrombosis. Once the doctor has determined what the cause of the test being high was, they can tre (MORE)