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Diminutive of wolf?

The diminutive of the word wolf would be wolfje. The feminine wouldbe wolvin, and the plural state of the word would be wolven.

What is the diminution?

Diminution. n. . The act or process of diminishing; a lessening or reduction. . The resulting reduction; decrease. . Music. Statement of a theme in notes of lesser dura (MORE)
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What is the diminutive of sow?

there is no true diminutive for sow, hog, etc, as these terms are used for adult animals. i.e. those capable of reproduction. The name for a non-mature pig is piglet, so one (MORE)
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Is diminutive a noun?

no. It is an adjective if it is describing a adverb if it is describing a verb.

What is the meaning of diminutive?

n : a word, affix, or name indicating small size and sometimes the state or quality of being familiarly known, lovable, pitiable, or contemptible -- used of affixes (as - (MORE)
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What is the diminutive of corn?

In general, English does not have diminutive forms of words.Diminutives can be formed from some words using suffixes like -let , -ette , -y ,or -ie (e.g., drop and droplet (MORE)