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How did Dimitri become strigoi?

Dimitri has turned strigoi due to the attack in the cave where Janine, Rose, other guardians including Dimitri himself were fighting. It happened to be when Rose and the other (MORE)

Does dimitri stay strigoi?

no, in the 5th book of the series, dimitri turns back. SPOILERS to kill a strigoi you need to have a charmed stake with the four elements. but lissa discovers if you charm (MORE)

In gta 4 kill dimitri?

Make sure before you make the decision you have it saved on two slots than Choose one decision than go back on the other slot and play through the other. You don't have to but (MORE)

Does rose ever save Dimitri?

Yes and no. Rose helps in finding a way to get Dimitri back to his original state being a dhamphir not a strigoi. But she later finds out by Victor Dashkov and his brother Rob (MORE)

Who are Anastasia and Dimitri?

I believe you are referring to the animated characters in the 1997 film Anastasia. This movie was based on an urban legend that Anastasia Nikolaevna possibly survived the exec (MORE)

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How old is Dimitri Romanov?

Prince Dimitri Romanov was 90 years old when he died on December 31, 2016 (born May 17, 2926, although another source listed March 4, 1926).
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