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Where is dimmer switch on Ford Windstar?

The headlamp dimmer switch is mixed in with turn signal lever, push the lever forward for 'brights'   The instrument panel dimmer switch is just right and down from the s (MORE)

Can xenon lamps be used with a dimmer switch?

120 volt xenon bulbs are fully dimmable just like a regular  incandescent bulbs, using regular old 120 volt dimmer switches.
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How do you replace the dimmer switch on an 89 Corsica?

This is not extremely hard but you do need direction. Get a manual on your car from the parts store or DiSCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM
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Are planets dimmer than stars?

Actually planets are non luminous objects , so Planets are totally dim . It seems like they are quite bright , because they reflect the Sunlight ( Stars light ) falling on the (MORE)

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Why are the headlights getting dimmer and brighter?

Alternator And Battery Should Be Checked. Auto Parts Store Should Check This Stuff For Free, you May Have To Take Part Off But They Will Test It For You. Just Pull Up To The S (MORE)

Where is the dimmer switch on an 89 Jaguar xjs?

The dimmer switch is on the dashboard just to the right hand side of the steering wheel
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Why do dimmer lights not dim?

probably you have wired it wrong so look at the wiring diagram that is supplied with the dimmer switch and make sure your wiring matches. ...............or................... (MORE)