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Trailing edge dimmer how does it work?

Trailing edge dimmers (as opposed to leading edge, or triac dimmers) turn off the electrical load at the end, or trailing edge, of the AC input waveform. They control the powe (MORE)

How does a dimmer switch make a light bulb brighter or dimmer?

Many dimming technologies have been used over the years, including motorized rheostats, autotransformers, magnetic amplifiers, vacuum tubes, and vats of salt water. Some of th (MORE)

What is a dimmer pack?

A dimmer pack is a collection of dimmers used to DIM, or change the intensity of the lights in a theatrical show. Dimmer packs come in many varieties, from budget (anything f (MORE)

What does a dimmer reduce volts or amps?

Voltage. A dimmer usaly chops the sine wave, leting it pass after a while.   Another answer The dimmer effectively becomes another device in the circuit. It effectively b (MORE)

Why dimmer switches feel hot?

  The "triac" in the dimmer, which is what dims the light, generates heat caused by the electricity flowing through it. The dimmer is made of a large piece of aluminum, wh (MORE)

Do dimmer switches get warm?

Almost all dimmer switches get warm with loads of 60+ watts. Some new ones are transistorized and there is little heat produced for their load range. If yours seems warmer tha (MORE)
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Why do bulbs get dimmer in series circuits?

When light bulbs are connected in series circuits, they will get  dimmer whenever a bulb is added. This is because the current is  shared between all of the bulbs equally.  (MORE)