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What is a brake dimmer?

Answer . A device to gradually dim the brake lights after they are held on for over a set period of time.
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What is a dimmer pack?

A dimmer pack is a collection of dimmers used to DIM, or change the intensity of the lights in a theatrical show. Dimmer packs come in many varieties, from budget (anything f (MORE)

Where is dimmer switch?

  it is below the headlight/dimmer knob, on the back of the dashboard. it is a pain to get to, requiring you to pretty much tear the dashboard out to get behind it

What is a dimmer?

A dimmer reduces the voltage to a light so that the current is reduced, which causes the bulb to have a reduced lumen output.
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What does dimmer mean?

Dimmer can mean1.A device for varying the brightness of an electric light.2.A headlight  with a low beam.
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What are thymine dimmers?

They are compound produced by combination two thymine molecules in the presence of ultraviolet rays.
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What is the function of dimmer?

Dimmers are the devices used for controlling the intensity of electric current.We can increase or decrease the RMS voltage.A dimmer switch will let you change between brighter (MORE)