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What were dinosaurs?

They where living creatures who lived in prehistoric times. Giants,  Monsters, Beasts are words to describe them.   Dinosaurs (or the dinosauria) are a group of archosaur (MORE)

Where was dinosaurs?

When the dinosaurs lived, all the land in the world was in one big  continent called Pangea. After the dinosaurs died, this land mass  broke up to form the continents, so di (MORE)

Where are the dinosaurs?

The dinosaurs are dead. Since they lived millions of years ago,  much before humans, there is no possible way of finding out why  they died. But scientists have examined fos (MORE)

Why where there dinosaurs?

  There were dinosaurs because.... there just were! Dinosaurs helped balance out the ecosystem. By the way, an ecosystem is a group of living and nonliving things in the s (MORE)

What 2 animals are big relations to dinosaurs?

2 animals that are related to dinosaurs are sharks and croodiles.
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Are there such things as dinosaurs?

Yes there were such things as dinosaurs because archeologist's have discovered the remains of dinosaurs and fossils. But there are also animals which evolved from dinosaurs eg (MORE)

Why were dinosaurs dangerous?

Many dinosaurs were huge carnivorous lizards that could eat animals  in a single bite. Also, due to some of their immense sizes, there  was a chance that the aforementioned (MORE)

How do you name a dinosaur?

There are many different ways to name a dinosaur. Some scientists use there name and put it in the dinosaurs name so it's named after them. Every now and then dinosaurs have t (MORE)

Are dinosaurs predators?

Some dinosaurs were predators and some were herbivores. Some dinosaurs were eaten by other dinosaurs, so, of course, not every dinosaur was a predator (some were prey). Also, (MORE)

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