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What is Diocletian?

Diocletian is not a what HE is a who. Diocletian was one of the Roman Emperors of the Roman Empire. He ruled around the year 300 for 20 years. He was a warrior emperor who w ( Full Answer )
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Where did Diocletian rule?

He was a Roman emperor but he mostly governed the Eastern half of the empire
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Who was Diocletian?

Diocletian was Roman Emperor 284 - 305.. In the year 303 he started the empire's last, largest, and bloodiest official persecution of Christianity, which was to last until 31 ( Full Answer )
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What was Diocletian known for?

For his reforms. His most famous action was when he split the Roman Empire in to halves. The West Roman Empire (fell in 476 AD) and the East Roman Empire , later the Byzantine ( Full Answer )
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How ruled after Diocletian?

The tetrarchy that Diocletian established was functional only for a short time after he abdicated, after him Christian emperors ruled.
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What did diocletian did?

Diocletian instituted reforms in the Roman empire's social policy by restoring the legitimacy of Rome's emperors, he made administrative reforms by separating the civil leader ( Full Answer )
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Where did Diocletian ruled?

Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus Augustus was the emperor of the Roman Empire from 284 to 305 CE. The capital where he resided was Rome.
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What are Diocletians reforms?

Social reform in reestablishing the importance of the imperials, tax reforms in a standardized tax system, military reforms in abolishing the field armies, political reforms i ( Full Answer )
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Who was Diocletian what did he do?

Diocletian was a Roman Emperor at the end of the 3rd century who implemented many changes that were to the benefit of the empire.
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What are Diocletian failures?

Diocletian failed to bring hyperinflation to an end. His edict ofmaximum prices proved to be unenforceable.