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What is a diphthong?

A diphthong is a combination of a strong vowel and a weak vowel, or two weak vowels to make one syllable or sound. The English "long" vowels a, i, and o are diphthongs, having (MORE)
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Is y a diphthong?

No. A diphthong is a combination of two vowels that make a soundwhich glides between the two, but sounds like neither. The word Outcontains an OU diphthong. The letter Y often (MORE)
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How many months of the year have a diphthong in them?

3 of them. January, February, and August. A diphthong ( /ˈdɪfθɒŋ/ or /ˈdɪpθɒŋ/ ; [1] Greek : δίφθογγος, dipht (MORE)
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Diphthong in English in short notes?

A diphthong ( /ˈdɪfθɒŋ/ or /ˈdɪpθɒŋ/ ; [1] Greek : δίφθογγος, diphthongos , literally "two sounds" or "two tones (MORE)
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Is loyalty a vowel diphthong?

No, loyalty is a word. A diphthong is a sound where two or three vowel sounds are strung together and considered as one sound. There are three vowels in "loyalty": the o, a a (MORE)
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How would you use diphthong in a sentence?

In some languages, including older English, two adjacent vowels in a word that are pronounced as a single vowel sound are written with a special typographical character called (MORE)
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What is diphthongs and triphthongs?

A diphthong is a vowel sound created by combining two differentvowels in one syllable. A triphthong is a vowel sound created bycombining three different vowels in one syllable (MORE)
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How many diphthongs are there in the Russian language?

A phonemic diphthong is a vowel sound which consists of two distinct articulatory parts, but behaves as a single phoneme and forms a single syllable. It is phonemically insepa (MORE)