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What is a diploid cell?

The diploid cell is one wherein each chromosome has its homologous counterpart for pairing during meiosis. Diploid cells are formed by gametic union and after completion of me (MORE)
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What is a diploid?

A cell that has two copies of each chromosome, one from an egg and one from a sperm.

Are gametes diploid?

Gametes are haploid and each contain only one chromosome. When amale and female haploid gamete unite , they create a diploidzygote.

What is diploids?

diploid is a term which is used to describe a cell which contains two complete sets of chromosomes.Most mammals including humans,have primary diploid cells.The umbrella term " (MORE)
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What does diploid to diploid mean?

Diploid to diploid, commonly referred to as 2N to 2N describes the number of chromosomes transfered via mitosis. This means that the duplicated cell (daughter cell) will have (MORE)
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What is haploid and diploid?

Haploid and diploid are terms which refer to the number of copies of a chromosome that are found in the genome of an organism. In humans, for example, there are two copies of (MORE)
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How is diploid represented?

a diploid cell is represented by 2n meaning that the cell has twice the number of chromosomes.
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How do you maintain diploid?

You will always be diploid. All human somatic cells are diploid while sex cells are haploid(or half of a diploid cell). Haploid cells vary based on which chromatids are in the (MORE)