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Why the bandwidth of folded dipole antenna is greater than dipole antenna?

I don't think it has. Bandwidth depends on the diameter to length  ratio of the antenna. The greater the diameter of the elements the  wider the bandwidth. The inductance go (MORE)

Will a simple Dipole antenna pickup digital TV?

From what I have researched and discovered your normal antenna that you have should suffice in picking up the digital signal. Mine at home is working fine with it. Just be car (MORE)

What is the formula for a quarter wave dipole antenna?

The length of a quarter wave for constructing one end of a dipole is: 234/MHz = feet of wire. For instance if you have an 80 meter ham radio transceiver and want to construct (MORE)

How does yagi-uda antenna differ from a folded dipole a loop antenna and a helical antenna?

Wow, your question on how a yagi-uda differs from a folded dipole,a loop antenna, and a helical antenna relates very much to how doesa lawn mower engine relate to a V-8. The (MORE)

What is the formula for a half wave dipole antenna?

In free space it's 492 divided by the frequency in MHz. However, there is no such thing as free space in the real world so the better and more accepted formula is 468 divided (MORE)

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What is the difference between monopole antenna and dipole antenna?

Monopole is an antenna with just the radiating element where the ground of the transmitter is connected to an electrical ground which serves as an Image ground to the radiatin (MORE)

Is NO3-1 dipole?

The nitrate, NO3- ion is planar - each oxygen is identically charged. The central N atom carries a small positive charge. The symmetry means that there is no dipole as any bon (MORE)

What is the bandwidth of half dipole antenna?

It depends on how the bandwidth is measured, and how fat the dipole  is.    A normal way of measuring banwidth is the input standing wave ratio  (swr), and if the dip (MORE)

What is a dipole antenna?

One example of a dipole antenna is the old style TV rabbit ears  antenna, which is a folded dipole.    A dipole antenna is any antenna with 2 active elements. In a  s (MORE)