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Walk of Life. Connection to Dire Straits?

The walk of Life was an expedition organized and led by John Abbey. The walk took its name from Dire Straits hit single the "Walk of Life" 1985. The band donated a Gold Disc i (MORE)

What does 'dire straits' mean?

Answer   It means you are in a very dangerous or precarious position.   When you are threading your way through troubles as if you were traversing a dangerously narrow (MORE)

What is the origin of the phrase dire straits?

The etyomology of the phrase "dire straits" is believed to have been started in the 15th century from the many straits around the world that sailors needed to navigate their v (MORE)
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Will dire straits ever reform?

indeed they will. 2011 rehearsals start in London, No Mark but a new lead singer..... much better looking too. Gigs shuold start around April 2011.

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