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What is direction?

The path or course of a given movement, or moving body; an indication of the point toward which an object is moving.
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What is a direction?

A direction is 4-foot midget that loves to cuddle on top of peoples' faces preferrably with no shorts on and loves to have is chove hang out his opening. You can find him in a (MORE)

What is directing?

Directing is the profession of controlling an upcoming film's  dramatic and artistic aspects so that the viewers will be  entertained. It needs a special eye for emotions an (MORE)
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Is it directed verdict or directive verdict?

  Directed verdict. This occurs when at the end of a party's case, the judge determines that there is no evidence to support the party's claim or that the evidence present (MORE)

When is an interview directive and non directive?

The directive approach interview is when the interviewer maintains  control over the course of the interview. And the non-directive  approach interview is when the interview (MORE)
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Who the is the direction?

eeerm i don't know quite what you mean with this question but if i am gonna try and guess what you mean i would say Ur asking what is a direction. a direction is something tha (MORE)