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What is direct labor and direct materials?

Direct Material: . Basic material ingredient to manufacture unit of product iscalled direct material . Direct Labor: . The basic labor force which is required to make any u (MORE)
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What is direct misrepresentation?

It is a communication not in accordance with the facts, but for which the communicator thought or merely assumed to be true
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What is a direct address?

A direct address refers to someone speaking to or about another  specific person. When you are having a conversation with just one  other person, this is direct address.

What is direct management?

Direct management may mean a company which itself controls the complete process from production to sale, i.e. a family owned business. There are no intermediary companies and/ (MORE)

What is direction?

The path or course of a given movement, or moving body; an indication of the point toward which an object is moving.
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Is it directed verdict or directive verdict?

  Directed verdict. This occurs when at the end of a party's case, the judge determines that there is no evidence to support the party's claim or that the evidence present (MORE)
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From which direction to which direction does the earth moves?

Almost everything that turns or spins in our solar system spins counter-clockwise. The Earth's orbit goes counterclockwise as seen from a location high above the north pole. T (MORE)

What is Direct Presentation?

Direct presentation is when a writer tells readers directly about a  character. In this narrative mode of writing the character's  personality is explained for readers by th (MORE)

What is a direct order?

A Direct Order given by a supervisor to an employee who is a Union  member is a very specific thing which must be verbalized in a  specific manner. The supervisor MUST say " (MORE)

What is Direction in Design?

What is Direction in Design? Direction in design provides mood and atmosphere. Direction gives the illusion of movement within a design. There are three basic directions in d (MORE)