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How old is BBC?

The BBC began life in 1922 with a full name of British Broadcasting Company. It was a commercial organization set up to broadcast radio programs. In 1929 it changed from a com (MORE)

What is the quorum for the meeting of the board of directors of a public company Explain what is meant by disinterested quorum Is this term significant for a general meeting also?

  The quorum for a meeting of the Board of directors of a company shall be one-third of its total strength (any fraction contained in that one-third being rounded off as o (MORE)

Where is the bbc?

The BBC has several stake holders, the British Public, the British Government, the people who listen to the international broadcasts, the program makers, the actors and the BB (MORE)

Why do the BBC have no advertisements?

The BBC is funded by the sale of television licences (you have  to have a TV licence to watch TV in the UK). Other broadcasters  have to find other sources of funding, and m (MORE)

When did the BBC start and who was it founded by?

The British Broadcasting Company was formed in 1922 by a collective of several British and American companies. It obtained a licence from the GPO (The British Post Office that (MORE)

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