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Does Vincent valentine die in final fantasy 7 dirge of Cerberus?

No. Though many assume he is, post-credits, Shelke and he are seen in the area of the waterfall cavern where Lucrecia was. Shelke says something along the lines of, "the oth (MORE)
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What is the dirge that Abby plays on NCIS before Kate's funeral?

The name of the dirge that Abby is playing at Kate's funeral on  NCIS is The Viper by Dixieland. It is a jazz number and Abby plays  it because she is from New Orleans and t (MORE)

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What is dirge?

  A dirge was a lament for the dead, especially when it was part of a funeral. Nowadays the word is used to refer to mournful song, piece of music or poem, or one which (MORE)

Who wrote the funeral dirge?

  There are a few famous funeral dirges. "Funeral March" by Chopin is the one commonly heard on cartoons. A number of funeral marches are heard in Purcell's "Funeral Music (MORE)

How do you use dirge in a sentence?

My aunt was a flood of tears before the dirge was done. That was the saddest dirge I've ever heard. I've just lost a dear friend. Would you sing me a dirge?
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