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What is a learning disability?

A learning disability is a condition which hinders a persons' learning. There are many different types of learning disabilities, ranging in severity from mild to severe. Dysle (MORE)
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What is progressive disability?

A progressive disability is an illness or medical condition that is expected to worsen over time. Well known examples of progressive illnesses include Multiple sclerosis, Moto (MORE)

What is a disability?

  A condition that curtails to some degree a person's ability to carry on his normal pursuits. A disability may be partial or total, and temporary or permanent.

What learning disability do I have?

This is part of my question, please don't erase: I am really not to aware of it and my parents tell me I get distracted very easily, when I work on tasks. I can list how I am (MORE)

What is disability?

Disability is an impairment of the mind or body that prevents a person to function in one of more major life activities.
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Do disabled people know they are disabled?

Of course! Though the ones who have brain damage or cerebral palsy might not because their brains cannot access too much information.
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Is Asperger a disability?

In the US it can be registered as such. In most cases AS is not a disibility however some symptoms may make it into one. For example some people with AS may experiecnce clums (MORE)