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Can there be a total disarmament?

There's always hope. The Christian viewpoint based on Gods Wordsays that there will be little peace on earth until Jesus Christgets back. The Bible tells us that mankind is a ( Full Answer )
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Why was disarmament a failure?

A major cause for failure of disarmament was that countries werenot allowed to reduce their military strength in parity withothers. For example, the agreement between Britain, ( Full Answer )
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Why did disarmament fail?

disarmament failed because each country did not trust each other enough to put away all of their armed forces. Many countries said they would disarm but then just ignored it l ( Full Answer )
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Is India for nuclear disarmament?

yes , India is truly with all for nuclear disarmament but at the same time it cannot disable its nuclear powers in this time of developing technology. \\\\\\!!!!.
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What does nuclear disarmament mean?

Not bloody likely! It means nations destroy their nuclear weapons, quit making anymore, and all somehow forget how they are made. But as there are no real secrets about making ( Full Answer )
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Why is disarmament necessary?

Disarmament process is necessary in a number of areas, for example: . It is estimated that half a million people lose their lives every year as a result of the use of small ( Full Answer )
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What is the reason for disarmament?

This paper was presented to the 2009 meeting of the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies Our topic today is "Nuclear Disarmament Now." In speaking on ( Full Answer )
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Why is disarmament a problem?

HAVING taken part at various intervals during the past three years in discussions and negotiations bearing on a reduction and limitation in armaments, I am persuaded that ther ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of 'disarmament'?

The definition of disarmament is when a country begins to make their military and weapons smaller. An example of disarmament is when the United Nations limited Germany's milit ( Full Answer )