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What is a disaster?

  A disaster is the tragedy of a natural or human-made hazard that negatively affects society or environment.   A disaster is the tragedy of a natural or human-made haz (MORE)

What are disasters?

A disaster ,natural or human -induced ,is anything which causes harm to life ,property etc .
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The tangiwai disaster?

  The Tangiwai disaster in New Zealand happened on the night of December 24, 1953, when a train fell into the river after a section of the railway bridge had been swept aw (MORE)

Why are there environmental disasters?

  Ignorance, indifference, or the result of unintended consequences.   For example, the Love Canal environmental event, where homes were built on top of toxic chemicals (MORE)
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How do you prepare for a disaster?

 A big aspect of disaster management is prepardness.   the preparedness phase emergency managers develops plans of action  for when the disaster strikes. Common prepar (MORE)

What is the adjective for disaster?

The adjective form of the noun "disaster" is disastrous.  There is an adverb form disastrously, but no related verb.
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What is a nataural disaster?

A natural disaster is a disaster like a Tsunami, a Volcano eruption, floods and earthquakes. It is called a natural disaster because it is something that cannot be helped or s (MORE)