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How did disc jockeys come about?

Timeline of events related to the disc jockey   Mid-1800s to 1910s: Development of Sound Recording Devices In 1857, Leon Scott invented the phonoautographin France, the (MORE)

Who was the first women disc jockey on radio?

On 11 July 1977 the Corsicana Daily Sun stated that Louise Foster joined her husband on a radio show called " The Texas Stomp". He was known as " Uncle Gus" and she was known (MORE)

What type of education for disc jockey?

Disc jockey has several common meanings and each meaning has its own type of education. If you are interested in becoming a radio personality, then vocational training or a de (MORE)

What does a disc jockey do?

There are several types of disc jockeys. They include radio, mobile, club, and scratch disc jockeys. Radio disc jockeys consist of two unique groups. Some radio disc jockeys (MORE)

How does a radio signal go from a disc jockey speaking into a microphone at a radio station to your ear?

In the microphone, there is a diaphragm, which converts the DJ's voice into an electrical signal. This signal is sent along the wire to the antenna, which broadcasts it into t (MORE)

How much does a disc jockey earn in a year?

Most disc jockeys earn between $5,000 and $40,000 per year. Lots of things can factor into that dollar amount. The disc jockey could be doing school dances every week for $100 (MORE)

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