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What is a discipline?

A discipline refers to a branch of study or knowledge, which is  typically that of higher education. It can also be called as a  specialty.

What is disciplinism?

Disciplinism is an act of managing or eager to be discipline in all area of life that able to produces sucess and standard of what he submitted for.

How do you discipline?

1. Be consistent. If you say that play is stopping in ten minutes, stop it in ten minutes.  2. Don't discipline the little stuff that isn't hurting anyone or ruining characte (MORE)

What is your view on discipline?

In which direction? Discipline for an adult is the ability to monitor his own actions in order to maintain a comfortable environment for himself and those around him. In order (MORE)
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What is a swimming discipline?

If your talking about punishment there really is no best punishment. This whole website is about opinion, but out of experience I think a 200 butterfly sprint is punishment en (MORE)

What are the horse disciplines?

The main two are English and western but the ones included in the World Equestrian Games are: 1. reining (western) 2. endourance (English or western) 3. dressage (Englis (MORE)

How engineering is a discipline?

Engineering is a course of high level. Disciplines like mathematics, physics, mechanics, electricity and other are contained in the course, thus forming it.
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