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Can a bank disclose your credit information?

Answer . \nIt depends on whom they are giving the information. Agencies such as the IRS are entitled to such information. Creditors generally are given permission by the co (MORE)

What does disclose mean?

To disclose is to reveal, to make known something that was hidden before. . Make (secret or new information) known . - they disclosed her name to the press . - the (MORE)
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What is disclosed observation?

A disclosed observation is when the participants are aware that they are being observed. This reduces ethical issues of consent and privacy but reduces validity due to increas (MORE)

What is a disclosed principal?

A disclosed principal is someone who you have acknowledged to a third party that you are acting as an agent for. An undisclosed principal means that you appear to be acti (MORE)

When will the Government Disclose on Ufos?

probably never, after all, they wouldn't want to scare the public, it's already happened on radio as a Halloween scare that said aliens had landed in north America and had ray (MORE)

What if covenants that affect land are not disclosed?

In order to be effective land covenants must be recorded in the land records. They are disclosed by a title examination performed by a professional. In order to be effective (MORE)
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What Can Studies Disclose?

People can disclose the parts, uniqueness, connections, influences,instability, uses and substitutes of everyone and everything theystudy. Studies are to disclose the propert (MORE)