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Who is Panic at The Disco?

A band from las Vegas. Band members: Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Jon Walker ( top 5 ) songs: "i write sins, not tradgeties", "Nine in the afternoon", "but its (MORE)

What are disco lights?

Disco lights are lights, preferably in a disco, that flash, spin, give off colourful lights, and much more.
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Is disco a noun?

Yes, but proper noun to be exact as well as an adjective. The narrow sense of the definition most embraced during the fad of the genre. In this modern era we have what is call (MORE)

How do you get the disco floor?

For the Animated Dance Floor type PUZZLEPALACE into the Secret Code box on the Log In page when you log in to Moshi Monsters.
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Why is disco called disco?

The term "discothèque"was used in Europe to refer to a club where people danced to records and a dj rather than live bands. They were less expensive and had a wider variety o (MORE)

How did disco begin?

Most music genres started with a group or groups who performed similar music in clubs or at concerts like Jazz, Big Band, Rock n Roll or even Bluegrass which created an esoter (MORE)